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Est. 1978

Where can I purchase clothing?

Currently, our clothing is only available at the Maryland Renaissance Festival (MDRF) each fall from August through October in Crownsville, MD.  We will soon be adding a limited selection of our staple items to our website.  But the majority of our garb will continue to be limited-run or one of a kind and will only be available at MDRF — faire today, gone tomorrow!


Where is the clothing produced?

All of our garments and hats are produced by independent sewists in the greater Maryland area​ —​ MD, VA, and PA.  


Are these historically accurate?

Let’s be honest— we are based in the Mid-Atlantic and not Renaissance Europe.  Our weather is not historically accurate for the geography and time period represented by the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  So no — cotton was not a thing in the Renaissance.  But you probably don’t want to wear layers of wool in a Mid-Atlantic summer… right?  We specialize in comfortable, wearable clothing that captures the spirit of the Renaissance.  


What do I wear underneath?

It is up to your comfort level what you wear underneath your garments.  Even if you are just getting started on your Renaissance journey, you probably already have items in your wardrobe that can pair with our pieces.  Basic leggings, plain t-shirts or peasant tops and a pair of sandals can be a great start.  We highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes when you visit the faire, whether or not they match your outfit!  We promise you will not be the only one wearing comfy shoes with your dress.  


Wash Instructions

We use a variety of modern fabrics to create our Renaissance inspired garb.


Cotton garments (which will generally have a 100% cotton label) have been pre-washed and dried.  We recommend washing in cold water to preserve the life of your garment.  All-cotton garments include: cotton overdresses (d-rings), cotton vests with peplums, cotton Renn shirts, many of our tops, velour capes, wrap pants, pantaloons and circle skirts.

Most other garments and all of the jacquard style vests and overdresses have not been pre-washed and are recommended dry-clean only.  Most can take a spot clean after a long day at the faire.


When washing chemises and blouses, take care to tie the ribbons before putting the garments through the machine so they don’t get lost in the sleeve.  If the ribbons do disappear into the sleeve, a pair of tweezers and a safety pin can help pull them back through the casing.  


In the case of all vests, please remove the ribbons before washing!

Replacement ribbons and feathers can be easily purchased at places like Joann Fabrics or Michael’s.  


Custom Orders

We currently do not offer custom orders, repairs or alterations.


Return Policy

Unworn items can be exchanged for a different size if an item does not fit and we have a replacement item in stock.  However, please be aware that many items, especially overdresses, are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.  We are a very small company.  Very small!  We do our best to keep up with demand, but often fabric can be difficult to source and a replacement may simply not be available.  All returns or refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  

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